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Windrush Voices.🔊 . “When thousands took up the invite to come to Britain in the post-war period many made the sacrifice of leaving part of their family behind. Generations later families are still divided across borders, their lives distorted, and unable to reunite or find security due to racist laws of 1968, ‘71 and ‘81 that re-defined ‘British’ to cut out black and brown people. We want a simple but crucial amendment to the Windrush Scheme that would recognize the rights of the descendants and close relatives of that generation to settle here. . This protection was preserved in the laws of 1968/71 for mainly white descendants of British subjects across the commonwealth and colonies whilst being taken away from black and brown descendants. We want to put right that wrong and extend it to close relatives as well as descendants. MFJ is building a political and legal campaign to win this change. We are raising funds and preparing for a class action; we will lobby Lambeth Council’s next meeting (10th October) to demand they support our #WidenWindrush campaign.” Copied from Movement for Justice fb page. . . . Brixton Immigration Right March. . #windrush #windrushgeneration #windrushvoices #nobordersnonations #immigrantsrights #refugeeswelcome #soundrecording #fieldrecording #sound #voices #peopleandprotest #protest #mfj #amnestyforall #brixton #art #soundart

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