Nehirden Denize / River to Sea, 2017
Enamel and Acrylic on Canvas
200 X 150 cm approx                                                                                                 Painted during Every Me Art Residency at Adana, Turkey, curated by Mustafa Boga.
Tanrı’ya dair hiçbir imaj yaratmayın. Tanrı’nın verdiği imgeleri kabul edin. Onlar her yerde, her şeydedir. Tanrı Değiştir – Tohumdan Ağaca, ağactan ormana; Yağmurdan nehire, nehirden denize…
Create no images of God. Accept the images that God has provided. They are everywhere, in everything. God is Change— Seed to tree, tree to forest; Rain to river, river to sea…

– Octavia E. Butler


Himalayan Myth, Lumding 2017
61 X 61 cm
Oil on Canvas
Himalayan Myth, Imja 2017
Oil on Canvas
46 X 61 cm
Himalayan Myth, Thulagi 2017
Oil on Canvas
61 X 61 cm







The three paintings, Imja, Lumding and Thulagi are named after the glacial lake in Nepal which are potentially dangerous. The climate change is making huge changes in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The archival satellite image from the 60s and the study done in 2009 shows, expansion of many glacial lake in the region,  and 20 are listed as potentially dangerous (including the three above) by ICIMOD, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development. The paintings uses satellite photographic image as a resource and the red line indicates the expansion of the lakes in time. These works explore the theme of climate change and its  impact on Himalayan communities, that played no part in initiating it.


One of Many Transit I, 2016 32 X 32 cm Oil on Board
One of Many Transit II, 2016 32 X 32 cm Oil on Board
One of Many Transit II, 2016 30 X 42 cm Oil on Board







Flying Through Dark Fields I
Flying Through Dark Fields II
Flying Through Dark Fields III, Soul Catcher







He Was In Love With, 2015 Oil and Acrylic and Canvas 150 X 150 cm
The Himalayan Myth 2015 Oil, Acrylic and Screen-print on Canvas 140 X 140 cm
Can You See Me? Acrylic on Canvas 100 X 80 cm








Dark Matter series, 2015